Thermal Imaging Gives You Hard Copy Evidence Not Excuses.


No more paying for Contractor's educated guesses or 'fixes' that don't work.  No more ripping open finished walls, floors coverings, or ceilings to 'find a hidden leak.'  Our Infrared Smart Scans are safe, proven, and non-contact.  

You avoid the expense, messes, and the stress of drawn-out repairs based on guesswork. Which means - not only are our Thermal Imaging Services 'green' - many of our Clients have saved lots of  'green' too (over $7.00 for every single dollar spent)

 Example of Infrared Thermogram below right.

                                           WHAT YOU SEE. 

                                           WHAT YOU SEE. 


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                                            WHAT WE SEE

                                           WHAT WE SEE

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