Thermal imaging is an invaluable tool doing for building diagnosis.  Whether you are doing a thermal imaging inspection for finding a water leak - or performing an Infrared Scan to show where there is missing insulation - it's intrinsic value is that it is proven.  The US Army has used thermal imaging cameras since the Korean War.  Your doctor, the local Fire Department, and your TV weatherman all use them too.  Because they are accurate, reliable, and fast to target anomalies (things that are unusual) and invisible to the human eye.   

Destin Infrared Services uses high-tech infrared cameras that cost as much as many cars.  Not for bragging rights.  But, because it makes a lot of sense.  One of our thermal imaging cameras captures 78,000 targets at a time.  This is useful when our team performs infrared inspections to diagnose a building for issues that are hidden deep inside of walls, ceilings, or floors.  


Imagine being able to find a hidden water leak inside of a wall without touching it - let alone dismantling it to look inside.  Finding water intrusion is important to do early on.  Because water leak detection often does not take place until it is too late - and it can be very destructive and expensive to repair.  

It's almost like thermal imaging through walls.  But, not literally.  What we do is actually much like the thermal mapping your TV WEATHERMAN uses to predict weather - and target pressure systems.  

Also, hospitals today may use digital thermal imaging to target tumors during breast exams.   Or, your doctor may use medical grade thermal imaging cameras to 'look' at other issues inside of you without needing to do invasive surgery.  


We perform Thermal Imaging Services for the same reason.  Destin Infrared is a Green Business.  We like the idea of being non-contact and non-destructive.  We preserve, restore, and protect structures - and avoid destructive demo practices (and trips to the landfill) - by using this 'Green' technology.  

While some handymen and contractors still use 'old-school' techniques like 'punching holes' in drywall or opening up walls or floors - we do not.  We do NOT use demo, hammers, or hunches to diagnose a structure.  We use Science and Technology.  

 Our thermal imaging inspections also target internal issues that reveal excessive moisture inside that can lead to termite infestation or health issues like mold.  For this reason alone, a thermal imaging inspection can be worth its weight in gold.


Our TEAM behind the thermal camera comes from the Construction Industry.  We have over 35 years of practical , hands-on experience to draw from.  We understand what we are looking at (in the thermal image):  But, we also know what is going on structurally behind the scenes.  

Our use of Infrared thermal imaging dates back to 1986 - when we were one of the first to utilize it on 'Green' building projects. Fast-forward 30 years to the present - and, our Staff brings proven techniques and systems to the table that leverage this thermal imaging technology.  Our goal is to help our clients find, keep and maintain a structure that is safe, energy-efficient, healthy, structurally-sound, and kind to its owners and the environment. The Dictionary defines 'experience' as the skill or knowledge you get from doing something.  The value we bring to the table comes from our experience as Contractors dating back to 1978.  We have evolved to where we are today - and put that knowledge to work for you - as we perform infrared inspections that protect your investment, the contents inside the structure, and the people's health residing in them.


 The following Image Carousel shows actual thermograms from infrared inspections for flat roof leaks, window leaks, facade leaks, EIFS and Stucco leaks, water spray-testing to re-create and prove up commercial building leaks and residential water leaks.